Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Mr. Jerry. A list and a LOT of noise.....

 I was gonna make a podcast commemorating what would have been Garcia's 69th bday and stuff, but wasn't really feeling it.
Suffice to say, Jerry Garcia was no lazy hippie. His life is very well chronicled through all the music he played and played and played.
His monthly planner (if he kept one) could have included: 3 bluegrass gigs, 10 Grateful Dead shows, 6 club dates with one side project or another, a week of songwriting with Robert Hunter, and rehearsals and recording with all of the above. Phew.

In lieu of a podcast, I made a movie (below) AND.... here's a chronological list of 50 great songs he wrote over his career with the Grateful Dead. Besides "Cream Puff War", which he wrote words and music to, the rest are all music by Garcia, words by Robert Hunter.

Cream Puff War    3:18    Grateful Dead
Dark Star (single)    2:45    Grateful Dead
Dupree's Diamond Blues    3:34    Grateful Dead
Mountains Of The Moon    4:05    Grateful Dead
China Cat Sunflower    3:42    Grateful Dead
Uncle John's Band    4:45    Grateful Dead
High Time    5:15    Grateful Dead
Dire Wolf    3:15    Grateful Dead
Black Peter    5:44    Grateful Dead
Casey Jones    4:39    Grateful Dead
Candyman    6:14    Grateful Dead
Friend Of The Devil    3:25    Grateful Dead
Ripple    4:10    Grateful Dead
Brokedown Palace    4:09    Grateful Dead
Attics Of My Life    5:14    Grateful Dead
Bertha    5:44    The Grateful Dead
Wharf Rat    8:33    The Grateful Dead
Deal    3:14    Jerry Garcia
Bird Song    4:26    Jerry Garcia
He's Gone    6:57    Grateful Dead
Loser    4:10    Jerry Garcia
Sugaree    5:55    Jerry Garcia
Brown Eyed Women    4:39    Grateful Dead
Ramble On Rose    6:01    Grateful Dead
Mississippi Half Step Uptown Toodeloo 5:45 Grateful Dead
Row Jimmy    7:16    Grateful Dead
Eyes Of The World    5:20    Grateful Dead
Stella Blue    6:26    Grateful Dead
Scarlet Begonias    4:20    Grateful Dead
China Doll    4:11    Grateful Dead
Ship Of Fools    5:39    Grateful Dead
Help On the Way/Slipknot!    7:21    Grateful Dead
Crazy Fingers    6:42    Grateful Dead
Blues For Allah    12:44    Grateful Dead
They Love Each Other    4:38    Jerry Garcia
It Must Have Been The Roses    5:30    Jerry Garcia
Mission In The Rain    5:04    Jerry Garcia
Terrapin Station Part I    16:30    Grateful Dead
Rubin And Cherise    5:18    Jerry Garcia
Cats Under The Stars    5:31    Jerry Garcia
Shakedown Street    4:59    Grateful Dead
If I Had The World To Give    5:00    Grateful Dead
Alabama Getaway    3:37    The Grateful Dead
Althea    6:52    The Grateful Dead
Midnight Getaway    7:55    Jerry Garcia
Touch Of Grey    5:51    Grateful Dead
Foolish Heart    5:12    Grateful Dead
Standing On The Moon    5:23    Grateful Dead
Days Between    11:03    Grateful Dead
So Many Roads    7:25    Grateful Dead

 And here's a video I made--A Grateful Dead Noise Collage. Most non-fans associate the Dead with long, noodly jams (mmm...noodles and jam...), however, for their first decade or so, they sure delighted in spending at least a few minutes each show making an awful racket that would impress your average Sonic Youth fan. Have you the stomach to take all 11 minutes?

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