Monday, June 24, 2013

Podcast Episode 2: To Love Somebody

Rolling right along.....
one of the Bee Gees' early masterpieces, written by a 21 year old Barry Gibb for Otis Redding, who died before he could record it, and covered by dozens of artists across many genres and generations. This song is just one of many moody pop gems recorded within the the first five years of the Bee Gees career. One hopes that as time goes on, the whole "disco sucks" mentality of the late 70's becomes an embarrassing joke. That The Bee Gees became the face of that irrational rage is beyond ludicrous.
1) They themselves never called it disco, and besides, their sound was evolving into a funkier style years earlier 2) The Rolling Stones, KISS, The Grateful Dead, Blondie, The Clash and many others recorded unabashed "disco" tracks and didn't have to spend the rest of their careers living it down 3) All three Bee Gees were masters of many different kinds of pop songwriting.
Luckily, a new generation to whom the delineation between rock and disco means nothing has embraced the Brothers Gibb and their countless amazing recordings (steps off of soapbox).

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WTSCF Podcast Episode 1--Around and Around

Format Change! It's all (or mostly) podcast from now on (or until I get tired of it...but I have a lot of episodes planned....).

Each episode will focus on one song that's been covered by a wide range of artists over many years.
We'll listen to the original, give some background, maybe ponder why so many wide-ranging artists have covered it, and listen to the most intriguing of those versions.

Episode One concerns Chuck Berry's "Around and Around". From The Stones and The Dead to Bowie and The Germs....the message is universal, but the styles and aesthetics vary wildly. Dig.

It's not that I'm bored with writing, but I think having a podcast might be a hoot. Let's see how it goes. I write the script ahead of time anyway, so it's still a sort of writing; just with sounds and things. Hope you like it.

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