Saturday, November 28, 2015

Cleaning House Before the Next Podcast

Dear readers and listeners.
I know how annoying it's been to come to this site and have multiple embedded episodes of the WTSCF Podcast start playing at the same time. I tried and tried, but every time I'd think I'd fixed the problem, I'd receive another complaint.
Sometimes I'd receive a complaint about the problem in the same week that I received a thank you for fixing the problem.
So I was utterly confused and, I admit, I turned my back on the problem, because why fix old problems when there are so many new and interesting problems--I mean podcast episodes-- to create?

But knowing it existed would eat away at me. Still I ignored it. Like knowing your fly is unzipped in public but just hoping no one notices rather than ducking down a corridor to discreetly zip up. Not that that's ever happened to me. But I'm sure SOME hapless loser has experienced it. Douche...

Then I thought about how MOST curious podcast surfers aren't going to take the time to find and turn off each offending embedded player. MOST folks will jump at the sudden cacophony, close the tab, say "%$*&&%!!" and cross this podcast off their list of ones to check out and possibly recommend. And I'll lose potential fans each day that I don't fix it.

That thought would haunt me at night and yet I couldn't seem to summon the strength to do something about it. I'd followed the instructions the Podomatic folks gave me, but it didn't always work.

Then, just yesterday came the thought: less is more. Embedding is a luxury. Links are no hardship. You can follow links, can't you?

So I went back and took out all the embedded players and replaced them with links to both the Podomatic player page and to the iTunes page.
You have a choice, as always, but now they're laid out for you.
Podomatic or iTunes.
Listen or download. Or both.
You can subscribe.
It's all free.

And once in a while I even link to my Facebook Page, which I, it's not that important...politely suggest that you "Like".

This housecleaning gave me a great opportunity to fancy some things up too. Some of the episodes didn't include a photo. Or tags. I fixed all that.

I also listened to some snippets which was weird because I never listen to the episodes once they're up. I felt reconnected to the guy who started this podcast. And I think I now have the fuel to keep on going.

Yes, perhaps this was a stall tactic. But one that benefits us all!

You'll be hearing from me soon....and we'll listen to many versions of a song which is sung by a man who admits to his crime from the beyond.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

WTSCF Podcast Episode 15: "The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game"

Q: When is stalking a person not creepy? A: When the the stalker's stalkee is simultaneously stalking his or her stalker. Does that make sense?
It's like in that scene in Duran Duran's video for "Hungry Like the Wolf" when Simon LeBon and his jungle-dwelling love interest are both chasing and hiding from each other until they come face to face.
Smokey Robinson's "The Hunter Gets Captured By the Game" describes this scenario (without all the heavy breathing featured in the D2 song) perfectly. It's a rare, but happy scenario when you find out that your crush is simultaneously crushing on you. Saves a lot of hassle, but then again, some people love the hunt more than the kill.
In any case, this little pocket masterpiece, first recorded in late 1966 by The Marvelettes, hasn't been covered by a ton of artists, but it has been covered by a broad spectrum of artists, from Ella Fitzgerald to Massive Attack.
And guess what? In this instance, the awards for the longest and noodliest guitar solos (if such awards existed) do not go to Jerry Garcia by any stretch. His solo is short and on point--so take that, stereotypers. It's in fact a couple of new wavers that take home those awards.

The embedding feature is being weird, so here's the direct link to the episode....

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Monday, May 11, 2015

WTSCF Podcast #14-"Morning Dew"

A barely-known Canadian folk singer wrote this cautionary post-apocalyptic song (her first song) in 1962. In 1967 a somewhat obscure folk rocker rearranged it, wrote an additional verse and sneakily claimed co-authorship; an injustice that often goes unnoticed in the history books. Cruelly, most covers are based on this arrangement. The same year, the leader of a not-yet legendary band more radically rearranged it on his band's debut album, and added a key final line, but knew enough to claim no credit. This episode sorts out the song's meaning, its origins, its various paths and twists and turns and the many cover versions that range from folk to disco to industrial/goth. Enjoy. 

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Monday, February 9, 2015

WTSCF Podcast Episode 13--Moon River

Sorry for the long time between episodes, but in the interim, I became a father. Audrey Ruth was born Dec 15, and so I wanted to celebrate by featuring a song first made famous by another lovely Audrey. I skipped over many of the biggest versions of this song and went right for the most interesting (for the most part).

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