Monday, February 9, 2015

WTSCF Podcast Episode 13--Moon River

Sorry for the long time between episodes, but in the interim, I became a father. Audrey Ruth was born Dec 15, and so I wanted to celebrate by featuring a song first made famous by another lovely Audrey. I skipped over many of the biggest versions of this song and went right for the most interesting (for the most part).

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  1. i listened to this with dread last night, having not being able to make it through the henry mancini orchestral version a few days before. was this going to be two hours of henry mancini versions of moon river? yikes! instead, i was pleasantly surprised at how well the versions you covered played! i now know what a good version of 'moon river' sounds like. hearing the johnny mercer sung version was a treat.

    i really liked the los straitjackets version - it sounds like archie bell the drells tightening it up with henry mancini. those major sevenths, is that the chord? i bet you could do a whole segment just on songs that are heavily in to major sevenths and that tighten up style? :-)


  2. To be perfectly honest, I'm primarily a drummer who long ago taught himself to play guitar upside down (I'm a lefty but play a righty guitar upside down). So I have to ask my guitar playing friends to translate the chords I play.