Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Black Sheep Songs--Where Did That Song Come From?

This installment celebrates those songs that make you say, "something about this just doesn't SOUND like (the artist in question)".

Sometimes, it's the song you want to play for that person who DESPISES an artist you like, and you feel this may make a connection.

Sometimes it's the song you want to forget exists, because it just soils your hero's otherwise spotless catalog.

Sometimes it's neither or both. Like all things. Neither or both.

Or a bit of one and slightly more of the other.

Or none of one and only a little bit of...you know. I know you know.

Well, check this song. It's a lovely song by Creedence Clearwater Revival. Organ driven, somewhat drone-y, some fancy drumming, and philosophical lyrics, I think. Who can really understand "The Fogue"?

CCR--"It's Just a Thought"

The Association. Easy, breezy sometimes cheesey. Delightful in moderate doses.
But this song? Tell me it doesn't sound like mid 90's white boy hip hop trip pop.
Main points:
1) Sounds like nothing by the Association
2) Sounds like nothing from 1967
3) Sounds like BECK went back in time (Beck in time?) from 1994 to 1967 and joined The Association for one song. Dig it:

The Association--"Wantin' Ain't Gettin'"

Probably the strangest song in The Monkees catalog is Mike Nesmith's "Writing Wrongs".
See if you can come up with a genre for this extra terrestrial of a song. If you don't like the first part, listen for the crazy middle section. if i made a video for this tune, it'd have a person having a crazy drug induced delusion that he was being chased around city blocks by a robot alien.

The Monkees--"Writing Wrongs"

Lastly, for today,  and along the same lines as the Monkees song is The Velvet Underground's "Ferryboat Bill", recorded for "the lost third album", most (all?) of which ended up on either VU or Another View
It seems to come from the same amphetamine/sci fi planet as the middle part of "Writing Wrongs". It's got only 2 lines that are repeated over and over, but they're so weird that you don't get sick of hearing them.
(note: this video is artsy and difficult to watch)

The Velvet Underground--"Ferryboat Bill"

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