Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Disraeli Gears--context is everything

It's before noon, and I've already had one the best days of 2011.
I was sent on an errand to read to a second grade class--it ruled. Kids are a recent revelation to me, having avoided them most of my life. I identified most with the (I'd bet the farm) ADHD kid, who would go on little tangents whenever I paused. A couple times I'd pick up his thread and run with it and we'd end up talking about his aunt's sewing machine--until the teacher got us back in line. So...I think I can put "teaching second grade ADHD kids" on my list of possible things to do when I grow up.
I could also see the future valedictorian as well as the future face of the Tea Party, who said outright "I hate sharing. I really do".
So, anyway...
After all that, I decided, before returning to work, to get a sandwich at a place that's near an antique shop. While waiting, I poked my head in the antique shop. What was playing?


Woah. If you asked me this morning, "what you think of Disraeli Gears?", I'd say " was my favorite album for a while in 8th grade, I drummed to it a lot, but I probably just can think of two songs--'SWLABR' and
'World of Pain'--that I would still want to hear."
I was wrong. Context is everything.
Surrounded by antiques, an old hippie guy working there and charming, maternal lady behind the counter, the sound, warm, coming through old, quality speakers....this was just the best song in the world at this very moment. So psychedelic and melodic and the best mesh of all the ingredients in Cream. I stayed for the next one...

Blue Condition! The dopey Ginger Baker song. A total non-singer's voice, with no attempt to hide his accent. Not bad lyrics. And no "hey it's Clapton!" guitar solo. I'm not going to say this song is a work of genius. But on this grey, soggy, classic March-melt day, it was perfect.

Then I got my sandwich and coffee and was on me way.

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