Saturday, March 5, 2011

Being There--the film. THIS is where THIS sound was coming from!!

About a year ago, I couldn't get a bit of classical music out of my head. I asked a couple friends whom I consider well-versed in classical, humming it as accurately as I could. Nothing. I hummed it into Soundhound. Didn't know it.
I gave up, and forgot about it, sort of. But I stopped obsessing about it, because, well, obsessing about anything isn't very healthy for anyone now, is it?

Fast forward to just a couple weeks ago and I says to Beth, I says: "You mean to say you've never seen 'Being There'? It's only one of the best films ever! And totally changed my life when Alyssa (my sister) took me to see it at the Brattle Theater in Cambridge when I was 15. Let's watch it now!"

Lo and behold, all it took was the first minute of the film and I heard that haunting music. But what was it?  I just googled "Being There Peter Sellers opening scene music", and voi--friggin'-la!

Turns out it's the first movement of Schubert's 8th symphony in B minor, AKA "The Unfinished Symphony" (because he never finished it. Not because he died at 31, but because he just never finished the thing. He wrote it when he was 24, dropped it, and went on to write a few hundred more symphonies).  I'm not very well versed in a whole lot of classical, but I always seem to enjoy Schubert's works. Have a look at this classic opening scene and sway to the sounds of Franz S. while admiring the acting of Peter S. (in his final role).

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