Tuesday, September 9, 2014

WTSCF Podcast Episode 11--Harry Nilsson's "Without Her"

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From Harry Nilsson's RCA debut LP, Pandemonium Shadow Show (1967), "Without Her" is a perfectly written, perfectly sung and perfectly arranged and produced (by Rick Jarrard) song that perfectly evokes the empty, lonely feeling in the wake of a breakup. Did I mention how perfect it is? Several of the cover versions you'll hear aren't too shabby either. Enjoy the show! 

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  1. one of my early audio editing exercises was to take the bs&t version of 'without her', delete all the words, and have just a super snappy instrumental bossa nova!


  2. Loved this episode, Brian! Do you happen to know - are any of the CD issues of "The Prison" that of the original 1974 mix? The "import" version I had shipped to me from the UK in 1993 varies vastly from the version later available on Nez's VideoRanch site.

    1. I don't think the original mix is available anywhere on CD. According to Wikipedia:

      ---"The Prison" was dramatically remixed by Michael Nesmith for CD release on "Rio Records" in 1990, and again in 2007 on "Edsel Records". Some changes on both remixes include the removal or addition of drum machines, extra reverb on vocals (in the case of the 2007 remix, a new or alternate lead vocal track in places), and many other changes.
      Although the iTunes download of "The Prison" is credited in the iTunes store as the 1990 remix, it is actually the 2007 remix. As of September 2013, the original mix that appeared on vinyl has not been officially released on CD.---

      I haven't heard the 2007 remix, but I bought the 1990 remix--twice, I think!--and it just didn't agree with me. I couldn't get into the songs until 1) I heard the couple 1975 bootlegs of him doing the songs acoustically and then 2) hearing a vinyl transfer.

      I may have mentioned this--I once wrote on Nez's FB wall to ask if the original mix might ever be rereleased and I think he may have said he was considering rereleasing it on vinyl-which would be a hit with the new wave of vinyl fans! But I'd hope it would include a download code to digital files too--for iPod listening.

    2. I just looked to see if the original mix is on You Tube but it is not. Someone uploaded the 1990 version and said it was the original but they are mistaken.
      As far as the live BBC 1975 acoustic versions....here they are. I wish the source of these could be found and released officially. Such a great performance.