Friday, August 16, 2013

WTSCF Podcast-Episode 4--Insensatez/How Insensitive

Antonio Carlos Jobim and Francis Albert Sinatra in 1967. 

One of the first bona fide classics from the mind of Antonio Carlos (Tom) Jobim--as well as from the genre he helped to create, Bossa Nova. With a melody partially lifted from Chopin, lyrics in both Portuguese and English--that have totally different meanings but are both equally sad--and cover versions by a surprisingly wide range of artists from Shatner to Iggy, what's not to love? A couple of technical glitches threatened to waylay this episode, but I think I succeeded in nursing it back to health.

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1 comment:

  1. after listening to this podcast, i am glad i never bought the jobim album that has this. sorry, but this song does nothing for me. actually, it does - when i hear it, i want to stop listening to it.

    p.s. another great program!