Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Some entertaining filler while I find time to work on 2 big projects...

Thanks to a couple of sources--This Tumblr site and music friend Erik Alan for sending me down this rabbit hole: Isolated Beatle Tracks on You Tube! (wonder how long they'll last?)

Here are a few highlights:

Paul's isolated vocals on Helter Skelter and Oh Darling.

--Main points:

1) that is some proto-metal screaming right there.

2) The last note of "Oh Darling" sounds exactly like Paul Stanley. Really.

3) George and John singing harmony live, perfectly, pretty much proves that they were angels walking among us. Well, at least that's what they sound like to me. 

Helter Skelter:

Oh Darling-

Ok, kids, listen to this and tell me you still think Ringo was a lousy drummer.
(this is how you play a 6/8 beat, rock solid, with some cool-ass fills. Bear in mind, Keith Moon found 6/8 to be challenging).

and lastly, props to Paul's bass playing here on Lennon's "She's So Heavy"

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