Monday, January 9, 2012

Warlock East, Warlock West. Well hello, Jerry Lou.

 A Tale of Two Mullets in 1989! (but believe me, this post is not really about that. It's just it's..just...WTF? It was a PLAGUE!!! The Hairdresser Community's REVENGE!
Ok. Had to get that out of the way first.)

The following videos may look familiar, but you sure didn't see them on You Tube! They didn't allow them.
I made them last year, only to be crushed by copyright law upon upload.
So, I think I put them on Facebook, which really isn't ideal.

Vimeo, (for now at least) is wicked cool and doesn't flip out if I use 3 seconds of a song.

So here. This is a two part series all about the cultural and musical parallels in the lives of Lou Reed and Jerry Garcia. Neither of whom I can say I love unconditionally, but both of whom I can say have meant a great great deal in my life. Enjoy.

Part One: A Tale of Two Warlocks: The Velvets and The Dead-1965-70. 

A Tale of Two Warlocks from Brian Marchese on Vimeo.

Part Two: Lou and Jerry in the 70's, and Those Three Chords

Take a Walk on Franklin's Girl from Brian Marchese on Vimeo.


  1. Nicely done. blowing my mind. i always thought of the velvets as psychedelic in a lot of ways anyhow...thanks for making me smile

  2. right on and thanks for the great comparison. i always thought of the velvets as a psychedelic band. blowing my mind thanks again for the smile