Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lord Nesmith or Papa Russ?

Ten years ago, I was surfing the internets, looking up any recent news about The Monkees or Michael Nesmith, when I came across a post on a message board.
It was announcing a Michael Nesmith tribute album to be put out by Wash DC alt. country label, Dren Records.
I immediately sprang into action, writing to the guy, explaining who I was, who my band (The Aloha Steamtrain) was, and how we could get Bruce Tull to play pedal steel.
I knew that any alt. country label head worth his salt would instantly know the name Bruce Tull (Scud Mountain Boys, Lo Fine, etc etc).
After hitting "send", I decided I'd better inform the rest of the band...and Bruce.
One Niall Hood emailed me back saying "uh oh, you may be a day late and a dollar short, son...however, no one has covered 'Joanne', so if you can record that and get it to me in 48 hours, you can be on it. PS--you better not be lying about Bruce Tull!"

We weren't lying and we did learn and record "Joanne" and send it off within 48 hours.
Woo!! And then...Doh!!! A mastering glitch occurred which made it so we were left off the first pressing. I.E. the version that went out to magazines, to Nesmith's website, and man we were bummed.
Still, we got on the second pressing and got some nice feedback from folks.
Just this morning, the Aloha Steamtrain version of "Joanne" came on the iPod and inspired me to make this little video to remind people about this funny little chapter in the story of Northampton's favorite psych/glam/pop band--that I played (still play?) drums in.

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  1. Nice video. To use Lord Russ speak, The Steamtrain rules! And so does Michael Nesmith. Thanks for posting. :)